Tumblr for Grown-Ups: A New Marketing Possibility

Tumblr is to today what LiveJournal was to the late nineties: merely an additional location for the Net’s teenagers to emote their “too deep for you” sensations, yet with the addition of computer animated GIFs.

Well … Not quite. Whereas LiveJournal’s primary customer base was (and is) mainly made up of 17-25 year olds, Tumblr’s largest age is in their early to mid-thirties (balancing out at 34.6). Why is the “Tumblr is for Adolescents” misconception so consistent?

Probably it’s due to the fact that Tumblr is so fun. It’s a microblogging system that has a hefty emphasis both on extremely aesthetic material and “thoughtful” social interaction.

What truly caught my eye is Tumblr’s astonishing traffic stats: 29 million one-of-a-kind visitors daily in 2013! And 42 % of that overall were coming from the Usa, with around 59 % of users being girls. It’s presently the 35th most highly-traffic ‘d internet site online as well as those numbers are continuously increasing.

Those are some very appealing demographics. With such a huge customer base– prospective audience members to your message– I think it has to do with time company owner take notice. Now, I do not have a Tumblr account myself (yet); nevertheless, I have actually been doing a great deal a study in this particular location recently and here’s what I’ve found.

Material is King …

You usually listen to the expression “material is king” of traditional blog writing; nonetheless, also as a microblogging platform, Tumbr’s focus is on content development.

Yes, you’ll have fans, but, on Tumblr, your fan matter is concealed from your audience. Only you understand exactly how many individuals are signed up for your feed.

This is because, although Tumblr has a social media performance (assume WordPress blog meets Facebook/Twitter condition updates), obtaining “sort” or “complies with” isn’t the major purpose and even the piece de resistance: content is. Shift your focus from full-on advertising to a more easy audience-based line and also you’ll start to get traction. Viewers first; selling after.

… Yet Make certain It’s the Right Sort of Material!

In a 2013 interview with Tumblr’s resident branding professional, Alexis Kaplan, we were enthusiastically offered with info on customers’ favorite sorts of content. The Leading 5 most shared (reblogged) and also “suched as” posts were:

Tumblr is a very visual neighborhood and picture-based articles came in ahead of the pack for the most interactions. If you’ve obtained an appealing photograph to go along with your message: use it.
GIFs and GIF collections. These children have actually been around given that 1987 so they’re not specifically new– or maybe that difficult!– but they have actually made a big sprinkle on Tumblr. Along with being a suitable means to create attractive, often funny, shareable product; GIFs are an excellent method to recycle (or extend) your material. One clever video clip can be split right into lots of GIFs!
Short quotes are favored, however mid-range to long content blog posts obtain interest as well. Kaplan shared that lots of businesses have good luck cracking up a long string of aesthetic posts with a text article– the relative “shock” of unexpectedly viewing a block of content on a visitor’s dashboard triggers them to take note.
Videos. Shorter video clips are liked over longer ones. And also many different styles are accepted. If you have actually got a trailer, a brief informative video clip, or something simply a little ridiculous, provide it a shot.
Audio. Audio brings up the rear; however, Tumblr has actually hinted that interest in audio clips as been on the rise. Ambitious podcasters as well as artists shouldn’t rule it out.
Even if you don’t run a “visual” company (movie, television, fashion, digital photography, internet layout, and so on), you can still make use of Tumblr’s advertising capabilities by getting a little innovative with what you do have. Try utilizing it as an overlay over a photo of a sunrise.

Discussing is Caring

Tumblr is considered a “social media” site in enhancement to a writing a blog platform, the standard networking guidelines don’t always use. They typically aren’t lacking for viewers interaction, yet the means the audience involves with your material may take some obtaining used to.

As an example, there is no traditional commenting feature for articles.

If an individual checks out as well as appreciates your material, they will have to share (reblog) the blog post by themselves Tumblr in order to reply to it. On the plus side, this suggests that any sort of comments you do get are typically have a lot more thought taken into them as the commentor needs to stand behind what they’re stating as it is now a component of their very own public “on the internet identification.” On the downside, this indicates that the Tumblr viewers has the tendency to be choosier about what they decide to share and comment on. So think carefully regarding the material you’re developing and also who you’re targeting. Consistently keep in mind to develop with the intent of your product literally representing your visitors.

Not to say that your material will certainly no more be yours. As a matter of fact. Tumblr’s reblogging system not just offers adscription to the initial creator, it also develops a dofollow back link to your account every time another person shares your content.

While all of this is suitable news for Tumblr customers, things could get complexed need to you decide to utilize Tumblr as your official blog site or internet site hub– which is entirely conceivable currently that Tumblr not only lets you make use of a custom-made domain name but likewise has the capacity to connect to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. This begs the concern: how do non-Tumblr users share your content?

It’s very easy enough to change your account to consist of share switches and an RSS feed. With particular styles, you can even integrate your newsletter sign-up types; permitting you to continue to construct your list.

Stay on par with the Trends as well as Learn to Love Tags

Tumblr’s search feature offers top priority to marked blog posts. Definition, if you kind “website design” into the basic search bar, you may just think of 25 blog posts– whereas if you use “website design” as an identified search, you could possibly wind up with 250 results!

Tags are your close friends.

Tumblr’s tags are also widespread in their “Discover” section– a page dedicated to disclosing the site’s presently trending topics. As a company owner, this page needs to be the initial daily stop on your microblogging experiences. From every little thing in this short article, this could be the most useful advertising and marketing idea.

If you see that a tag relevant to your brand name is currently “trending”– use it. If you run a consulting firm and also “insight” is trending, whip out one of your best ideas and put the insight tag on it. Or, if “design” is trending and you’re aiming to obtain exposure for your inside decorating profile, jump on it.

Searching with pertinent tags are also a wonderful way to boost your very own material. Tumblr’s reblogging feature makes it fast and also easy to “create” fresh, appropriate material for your viewers. As a benefit, reblogging from content from customers with similar interests oftens boost your following (much like just how Twitter individuals will commonly “adhere to back” those which have followed them very first).

Tumblr is Maturing

Teens may be the ones getting one of the most focus in the media, however Tumblr is becoming much more business-friendly every day. Both corporations as well as consultants are starting to utilize this system as an advertising tool– and also doing well.

If your business or item is– or could be changed right into– something aesthetically convincing, you must take into consideration offering Tumblr a try.